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We ask that departing guests leave by 10am.  However we can store luggage for you during the day if necessary.

Home Location Rooms About Us Rates Contact Us Activities

Feel free to Contact us to book or for any other queries.

Adult (15 yrs +)  - £20-25 each per night

Child (14 and under)  - £12-15 each per night

Babies staying in cots - Free (cots available for hire)

Rates will vary based on the number of people in the room.

Please be aware that the kitchen and communal area may be hazardous for small children (eg we cannot guarantee other residents will not leave knives etc within reach) and they should be closely supervised at all times.

Your bunk/room will be ready by 3pm at the very latest.  If you arrive earlier you are welcome to use the communal areas once the previous nights guests have left as long as you don’t mind us cleaning around you. If you are arriving on the sleeper train let us know and we’ll store your luggage until the hostel is available.

£20 per night

Where possible we will give you a private room or the option to share a room which may reduce the cost. However for some specific events, eg the TGO Challenge or the Aviemore Half Marathon, that attract a high number of single bookings, we may ask you to share. We will warn you if this is the case when you book and will not ask a single person to share with a member of the opposite sex.

£200 per night

Please give us a ring or drop us an email to discuss the needs of your group.  Please note though we do not usually accept bookings for stag or hen parties.